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Examinations explained

What happen's during a pelvic health examination?


In our first appointment we will have a discussion about all the symptoms related to your concern. If relevant, this will include discussing how your body is moving, your bladder and bowel habits and sexual intercourse. In the session, we will also talk about your eating, drinking, exercise and sleep habits as these are closely linked with pelvic health.
As part of the assessment I will look at;
- Your body in standing and moving to see how the muscles and joints are behaving.
- Your breathing strategy during different movements.
- Your tummy muscle positioning and strength.
- If indicated I will also assess your pelvic floor muscles via a vaginal examination. This involves you being undressed lower body in lying or standing with a towel covering your waist and with a gloved hand, and using one finger to feel inside the vagina. I may ask you to contract and relax your pelvic floor to test the strength and your technique.
- In cases where ladies have bowel concerns or coccyx problems we can also carry out a rectal examination in much the same way.
- All assessments can still be carried out if you are menstruating, if you are uncomfortable they can be postponed until our follow-up appointment.
For all assessments you may discuss with me the option to bring someone with you to attend the session and you can request to decline any part of the assessment at any time.


Depending on your symptoms and treatment plan we may need to repeat your vaginal examination at future appointments. Sometimes this will be at every appointment, or perhaps less frequently if we are more focused on the symptoms you are reporting or reviewing exercises i have prescribed. 

In certain conditions some of the treatments we carry out will involve gently applying pressure to different parts of the pelvic floor muscles and surrounding tissues. Again these would be carried out using gloves, a lubricant gel and you would be undress on your lower half of your body.

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